Offutt Barton Schlitt truly goes the extra mile. They were able to assist with my accountings and tax needs and also show me how to pull information that helped me manage my company. It was amazing to see all of the information that I had at my fingertips to help me improve my operations and focus on my most profitable activities.
Ryan McCain, Esq.

Barfield McCain PA

The tax and accounting services Offutt Barton Schlitt provide us are outstanding. Not only do they enable us to take advantage of every credit and deduction intended for us, they convey them in a way that makes sense. With their accounting systems and proactive tax planning we have an additional competitive advantage that is essential to the success of our business.
Brian Ciccarelli


Offutt Barton Schlitt stays current with tax legislation and adds that extra level of quality service by keeping me up-to-date on new laws that affect my tax position. Staying current on my taxes allows me to effectively budget and plan for all future investment and personal expenditures. We truly value Offutt Barton Schlitt’s personal touch and look forward to working with them for many more years to come.
Louis Nickerson

U.S. Air Force

Offutt Barton Schlitt is always there for me. Whether I am getting married, buying a new house, or making financial investments, I know I can count on Offutt Barton Schlitt to provide exceptional services and tax planning strategies. Not only has Offutt Barton Schlitt provided me tax services above and beyond my expectations, but it also defended their positions when challenged by the IRS.
Joshua Martin, Esq.

Ruden McClosky

O.B.S. is among the best in the business. Their unique experience with small businesses has helped our company take advantage of many tax opportunities and allowed us to maintain a competitive advantage in a tough market. O.B.S. helps us maximize our profits and focus on our most profitable activities by providing detailed financials and explaining the components that make up the bottom line. O.B.S. will always have my business.
Terence Schlitt

TE Schlitt Engineering

William Schlitt at Offutt Barton Schlitt has the highest level of integrity, and always follows through with all commitments.  I appreciate supporting a locally owned and operated CPA, which supports our local economic development and nonprofits given their community involvement.  Confidentiality is very important, as Vero Beach remains a small community.  They keep all of my information confidential, and use the most current technology to keep it secure and protected.  I recommend using Offutt Barton Schlitt because of their experience to handle complex situations and dedication to quality service.
Richard Giessert