Vero Beach Tax Solutions

Offutt Barton Schlitt LLC has the experience and background necessary to provide the most innovative tax planning and consulting.

The CPAs at Offutt Barton Schlitt LLC have dedicated their careers to analyzing various facts and circumstances to ensure the most effective tax solutions are identified and implemented. Offutt Barton Schlitt LLC prides itself in providing more than just tax compliance. Although tax compliance is a large part of their practice, Offutt Barton Schlitt LLC’s many tax planning and consulting strategies are an essential part of their mission and portray the true value-added aspect of their services.

The integrated tax planning strategies that Offutt Barton Schlitt LLC offers to the Vero Beach market can have a significant impact on your overall financial position. Some of their tax consulting projects include:

  • Partnership Consulting (Special Allocations – Organization – Dissolution – Basis Step-ups)
  • S Corporation Consulting (S Elections – Qsub Elections – ESBT Elections – Shareholder Compensation Agreements – Basis Analysis)
  • Trust & Estate Consulting (Estate Planning – Liability Protection – Succession Planning)
  • C Corporation Consultation (Personal Service Corporation Compensation Agreements – Fringe Benefit Plans)
  • Individual Consulting (Estimated Payment Calculations – Credit and Deductions Analysis – Review of Updated Tax Legislation)
  • Non-entity Specific Consulting (Cost Segregation Studies – Advance Payment Deferral – Accounting Method Analysis)

Our mission is to provide our clients with exceptional services by taking initiative to be proactive advisors. We pride ourselves in developing tailored strategies to meet the specific needs of our clients.

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