Looking for a Reputable CPA in 32963?

Offutt Barton Schlitt serves as a leading 32963 CPA firm by offering exceptional professional services and a commitment to quality. As a leading accountant in 32963 and Vero Beach markets, Offutt Barton Schlitt focuses on preserving and increasing wealth for its clients through proactive tax planning.

Your CPA should be a trusted advisor continually looking out for your best interests. Offutt Barton Schlitt does this and much more by staying current on tax law ensuring you are informed about tax strategies and legislations that could have an impact on your overall goals.

Offutt Barton Schlitt offers a wide range of services by bringing national resources and experience, along with local quality service, to the Vero Beach market. In addition to providing traditional tax, accounting, and auditing services, Offutt Barton Schlitt focuses on value added services including business structuring, estate and tax planning, and management consulting.

As your CPA in 32963, Offutt Barton Schlitt prides itself in providing exceptional personal service in addition to its proactive tax planning. Offutt Barton Schlitt strives to be more than just your CPA. They invest in their clients and understand that their success is directly correlated with the success of their clients.